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Welcome to the special OCI strengths resource page!

Are you ready to live your strengths? Click on the links below to access background information, worksheets, and much more.

More About Strengths

Short Descriptions: Brief descriptions of each of the 34 themes of talent.

Blessing of Themes: Wondering what the best of each talent theme is? Here’s a paragraph describing the benefit and contribution of each of the 34 talent themes.

Books and Resources: A bibliography with live links to strengths books, resources, and applications.

Strengths-Building Activities and Worksheets

Top 10: A list of strengths-building activities and things to keep in mind as you draw upon your talents to build strengths.

Name, Claim, and Aim: Talent exploration and strengths-building worksheets.

Deeper Dive

Strengths in Scripture: Passages of Sacred Scripture to pray with and reflect upon for each of the 34 talent themes.

Finding a Good Fit: A guided reflection to help you discern how you might use your talents in ministry and service. Can be done with a companion or alone.

Guided Strengths Conversation: A template for a more in-depth conversation in pairs or small groups.