The resources linked through these web pages are intended for use with the Grateful Disciples guide. Contact us here to explore Grateful Disciples mentoring and/or a Grateful Disciples live event for your diocese or parish.


Stewards in Community

  • Key themes reflection
  • Impact of stewardship reflection
  • Grateful Disciples intro video

Form Disciples as Stewards

  • Retreat outline
  • Lay witness preparation outline
  • Year-long plan worksheets

Lead Grateful Disciples

  • Reflection on servant leadership
  • Sample committee structure
  • Development of team plan

Commit to Annual Renewal

  • Discerning the form of commitment
  • Sample commitment forms 
  • Commitment timeline

Welcome and Engage Everyone

  • Finding a Good Fit in Ministry
  • Ministry formation sample
  • Ministry formation template

Give Thanks. Be Accountable.

  • Sample annual report
  • Appreciative Process worksheet
  • Live the Vision worksheet masters