Stewardship Leadership for Lasting Impact

This material is offered in support of stewardship leaders as they form their community to embrace living discipleship and grow as good stewards of their lives, gifts, faith, and resources.

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Steps One, Two, and Three

1. Stewards in Community: Establish and keep the vision of stewardship as a way of life. Form leaders and all in the community through prayerful study of the U.S. Bishops' pastoral letter. Click here to download Sharon Hueckel's small group stewardship formation process, The Disciple as Steward.

2. Lead Grateful Disciples: Form and sustain your leadership team. Call everyone to adopt a stance of servant leadership. Build bridges to all who lead and are involved in ministry. Click here to download a helpful worksheet to consider what is already contributing to such formation and to build a plan for the future. Also, we have created a ten minute video that provides a nutshell overview of the steps we explored in the workshop. Presented in partnership with Our Sunday Visitor, the video can be found here.

3. Form Disciples as Stewards: Stewardship education is faith formation! Form people to understand themselves as disciples who are called to be good stewards of all they are, have, and will be, throughout the year. Use the sample of Impact linked here as a bulletin insert and at parish meetings, with religious education families, and with small faith groups.

Steps Four, Five and Six

4. Welcome and Engage Everyone: Build a strong community of faith in which every person is valued as a child of God, and in which all are invited to contribute meaningfully. Use Finding a Good Fit in Ministry, linked here, to help people discern a way in which to serve.

5. Commit to Annual Renewal: Establish the rhythm of an annual time of renewal and commitment. See sample commitment forms, linked here.

6. Give Thanks. Be Accountable: Show parishioners the impact of their contributions as stewards through regular reporting. Express gratitude for the ways I which they give of their presence, talents, time, and resources. Meet with ministry and organization coordinators to thank them for there stewardship and invite them to thank those with whom they serve. See sample long-term report linked here.

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