Take a Step Forward in Faith

Making a commitment to live and grow as a disciple requires ongoing reflection, prayerful discernment, and the willingness to tackle the parts of our lives that are not in keeping with the gospel. There are moments in the course of most years that call for such reflection in special ways -- the start of a new year, the season of Lent, a time of life transition, are all times in which reflecting on one's life in light of faith makes a lot of sense. But then again, such reflection makes sense every day! 

I am blessed to have the opportunity to develop simple resources for people and for parish leaders for Twenty-Third Publications, which they graciously give away. This month's resource is called Take a Step Forward in Faith. It includes a self-assessment and questions for discussion and sharing. Here is the link.

Please share the link with your friends and colleagues, and return here with your thoughts, insights, and reflections, as we continue to live and grow in faith together, as grateful disciples. -- Leisa Anslinger

Becoming Grateful Disciples

What does it mean to be a Grateful Disciple? This is what we will consider in the Grateful Disciples blog. Our blog contributors do not promise life-altering insights. We do promise honest reflection on what it means to live as a follower of Jesus Christ in our world today. Our perspective is that recognizing the abundant gifts of life, relationships, faith, talents and resources changes the ways in which we live our lives. We will bring that perspective to our musings here. We ask you to be involved with us in these reflections. Not only do we invite you to comment, we ask you to do so. Add your insights, thoughts, challenges, and experiences to the mix. We will all be richer for the conversation and the growth that comes from opening our minds and hearts to the Holy Spirit together. 

In gratitude, Leisa Anslinger